23 1 / 2012

Brainwave/fart: DC Comics

I have to admit that DC’s rebrand is quite interesting, and that I do enjoy the concept and the variety of execution, however I feel like DC keeps trying to reinvent themselves, and with every iteration they float farther away from their roots. I like that Marvel has stayed relatively true to the mark I remember seeing on those old comics I read as a kid.

DC is like Pepsi. The newest logo seems like such a departure from even a few years ago, while Coca-Cola on the other hand remains virtually unchanged for what, a century? Yet they continue to pump out some awesome campaigns… I’d say their market share proves that.

Going back to DC, it just feels like DC’s brand becomes more diluted with every reinvention.

All that said, I can’t imagine being the one tasked to rebrand DC Comics. A brand with that much history and colour would be no easy task. The pitch would be one hell of a nail biter.

There’s my brain wave/fart for the day… whichever you choose it to be.